A bit of history...

It all began in a box truck. 

The year...2015

The motivation... finding happiness in the everyday grind.

The mission... set up shop in a 21-foot-long box truck behind the Burton Coffee Stand.

So, we got to work.


We quickly outgrew the truck. In 2019 a move up town was essential.

So with an addition of a 4 month old and a healthy dose of caffeine and motivation we pulled off the move in less than 30 days. 


The team work that made the dream work


owner/operator/bicycle technician  

Born and raised on Vashon Island, Brian grew up playing in the woods and taking things apart for fun. He has a natural mechanical ability and is an entrepreneur at heart. In fourth grade he started his own small engine repair service and he has worked in the Automotive industry since he was 16 years old. He rides for fun, and loves repairing and maintaining his favorite machine...the bicycle.


Why do you like repairing bicycles?

Riding a well maintained and operating bicycle allows you to focus on your ride. There is a challenge and satisfaction in taking a bike that does not operate properly and smoothly and making it function like clock work. It's the satisfaction of riding a well maintained machine. 


What is your favorite type of repair?

I enjoy building wheels from scratch due to the intricacy and interdependence of all the pieces. 


What is the biggest mistake of bicycle owners?

Lack of routine maintenance. 

Deja helps behind the scenes to help keep the wheels spinning around here. Her background is in sports medicine, massage therapy, and business design and management. She loves to help create the shared visions within the shop and help to grow and evolve the business. You can count on meeting her with a smile and a great sense of humor. 


owner/management and operations

Ben is our first apprentice to tech graduate. He dove into shop life with pin point focus and drive to gain the necessary skills and curiosity that is needed to excel as a skilled technician. He thoroughly enjoys mountain biking and can be found riding his newest bike the Transition Sentinel.




Sales and Service

On any which day you will find Tobin spending time doing what he loves doing best, riding bikes. Here at the shop Tobin brings his passion, curiosity and overall super self to help people feel that happiness and excitement about their own bike. Whether it's simplifying the often overwhelming task of finding the perfect bike to fit your needs, or helping you understand the needed repairs or maintenance of your current bike. Tobin is about making sure you leave happy, and helps to keep us all moving to make sure the process from the moment you roll in until you roll out is seamless and enjoyable. 

Bennet joined our team as an apprentice and we are happy to have him part of our tech team. His youthful enthusiasm and curiosity drives his willingness to learn new skills each day. He loves enduro riding, but is happy to ride period. Also, he loves gummy bears. 



From our family and crew to yours, Thank you!

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