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$60 acoustic bike / $75 e-bike + oversize*


Curious what condition your bike is in? 

Want to know the cost of repairs needed before investing further?

This service is the first part of a tune-up without the commitment to service. If a Tune Up is recommended the cost of your safety inspection rolls into your Standard Tune Up price. 

Inspection of:

- Tires
- Brakes
- Chain and drive train 

- Cable and housing 
- Bearing condition (does not include full suspension pivots)

- Frame and fork

- Wheel true and spoke tension

- Shift indexing 

- Derailleur limits 

- Full estimate build based on findings

- Inflate tires*
- Test ride*

*If applicable



$120 acoustic bike / $150 e-bike + oversize*

Tune ups are for getting your bike ready for riding or maintaining its condition through year round riding. 

We recommend servicing your bike with a Tune Up at a minimum once a year to prevent damage to components and costly repairs. 

- Safety Inspection (see above for details)

- Drivetrain adjustments 

- Cable and housing adjustments 

- Brake adjustments

- Lateral Wheel true

- Wipe and lube chain

- Inflation of tires

- Test ride 

- Discounted labor on additional service when paired with Tune up 

*Includes update for all Bosch and Shimano e-bike systems


$380 acoustic bike / $410 e-bike + oversize*

The Winter Overhaul is available between November-March only. Whether you are looking to ride all winter or  want to be proactive in getting your bike ready for spring, this overhaul is essential in keeping your investment working for you, beating the spring rush is just a perk! 

- Tune Up 
- Hub bearing service or replacement
- Headset bearing service or replacement
- Bottom bracket bearing service or replacement
- Freehub bearing and pawl service
- Lateral and minor radial true of wheels in truing stand
- Cable and housing replacement as needed
- Brake pad replacement as needed
- Drivetrain component replacement as needed
- Tire and tube replacement as needed
- Bar tape or grip replacement as needed
- Test ride

*Prices do not include tax, parts or additional labor that may be required to complete service. An estimate will be provided prior to service. Prices subject to change.




50 hour*

- Lower stanchion oil and seal replacement 

Yearly/125 hour Fox/200 hour Rock Shox* 

- Spring/damper/lower full service 


50 hour*

- Air can, oil and seal replacement 

Yearly/125 hour Fox/200 hour RockShox* 

- Damper and air spring full service 

*Call ahead with Fox tune IDs and Rock Shox serial numbers for fastest service 

Wheel + Tires


Flat Repair $18*

- Remove old tube, find leak, inspect tire for foreign object, install new tube.

Flat Repair hub drive wheel $30*

- Dismount hub drive wheel, remove old tube, find leak, inspect tire for foreign object, install new tube.

New Tire Install  $15**

- Install new tire and tube

New Tire Install hub drive wheel $25**

- Dismount hub drive wheel, Install new tire and tube 

Tubeless set up $40**

- Tape rim, install tubeless valve, tire and sealant 

*Prices do not include tax, parts or additional labor that may be required to complete service. Prices subject to change.


Service discounts available for bringing in just the wheel(s)



Bike assembly (FREE when purchased from us)

$150 acoustic bike / $180 e-bike + oversize*

- Assemble and Tune new bike out of box

- Additional labor will be quoted for additional accessory installation at time of assembly

Custom Wheel Build 

$120 labor per wheel 

- Build to customer specs, lace and true 

Custom bike building

Standard labor rate $120/hour 

Bike Fitting 

- Consultations and minor adjustments 

Dynamic bicycle fitting 

- Cleat fitting 

- Saddle fitting

Bike Shipping Services (call for quote)

- Disassemble, package and arrange ship 

Due to limited storage your bike must be scheduled with us to guarantee its ability to stay on premises for full service.
We accept on ride and emergency repairs daily, first come first serve.

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