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Do you sell E-Bikes?


Can you assemble and tune new bikes

purchased online? 

Yes! Professional assembly and tuning is important for safety and performance. We are happy to offer this service for most E-bikes on the market. All new bikes purchased through us receive free assembly and tune. 

What are the different classes of E-Bikes?

Class one: peddle assist only up to 20mph

Class two: addition of throttle, assists up to 20mph

Class three: peddle assist only up to 28mph

Do you service E-Bikes?

Yes, we are a certified Bosch and Shimano E-Bike service department.


We are happy to service most other E-Bikes. 


What E-Bikes do you not service? 

Most E-Bikes are serviceable at Vashon Bikes!

However, In order to ensure the best service and end product to our customers, E-Bikes with incompatible parts and known issues with safety and functionality may not be serviced at Vashon Bikes LLC. 

We do not service:

- E-bikes that have uncertified batteries that are not removable

- E-bikes that are over 70lbs

- E-bikes that do not have a seat post 

- Gas powered E-bikes

- Electric scooters

- Some direct to consumer brands are not serviced at Vashon Bikes, call to check!


Should I remove my battery prior to service?

We require that batteries brought into shop be UL listed. If they are not, no problem, we will just have you remove for service. If you are unsure, we can check the battery when you arrive. Be sure to bring keys with you at your service time if needed for battery removal. 

Do you recycle E-Bike batteries?

We can assist in the responsible environmental management of batteries. Please inquire with us if battery recycling is needed.

How do I order key replacements?

For Shimano and Bosch E-Bikes you can visit ABUS directly to order key replacements

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